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This platform is a gateway to introducing athletes to the empowering mindsets, practices and pathways to better performance on and off the field through mental conditioning. This personalized and ever-present training companion provides a platform to deliver an easy to follow, easy to use, periodized plan to a wide audience of highly motivated athletes determined to get the most out of their training. This platform allows coaches to apply the tools, methods and accountability practices to a diverse and dispersed group of athletes with a comparable level of input and guidance across skill levels and motivation.

We help athletes build Pre-competition, In-competition and Post-competition routines that are the foundation of the mental strength, mental toughness and resiliency that drives consistent performance. Studies continue to show strong correlation between mental training practice and high levels of performance in athletes of every level. Great performers have habits and processes after each competition for reflection, learning and growth. Most athletes feel good after a win and bad after a lesson. To challenge this negative instinct, athletes will build and practice a post-competition routine to boost confidence, improve abilities, and speed learning and growth.

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With The Inner Game you will learn the techniques necessary to approach every practice and game calm, focused and prepared to do your best.


  1. What Makes a Competitor Great – Learn how to embrace and build the mindset of an elite level player, avoid beating yourself up and overcome opponents with the powerful mental preparation and processes.
  2. Prepare Like a Pro – Identify how to find your peak pre-competition physical and mental state for every situation with pre-competition exercises and examples.
  3. Learn To Combat Negative Mental Loops – The brain has evolved to remember past failures more readily than past successes. To compete at your best, you must be confident, remain focused and believe in yourself.  We help you to build your personal highlight reel to arm you with bulletproof confidence and focus to carry with you into every competition.
  4. Rapid Recovery, Lessons Not Losses, Every Challenge is an Opportunity – Every athlete struggles with failure and mistakes, especially during competition. It is recovery that matters most, rapidly overcome and recover from mistakes or failures during competition.
  5. Build the Habits of Constant Confidence, Learning, and Growth – The best competitors learn, improve and develop strong self-confidence through the habits of post-competition reflection. Every game is a learning opportunity. Build the processes and practices to improve and build stronger self-confidence after every game or practice.
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