North jersey sport performance emphasis in the importance of having an integrated training program, based on an identified mission, goals and core values. Following the 6 component training system that is the basis. Understanding which training components interact and affect one another to develop an athlete and elevate his/her game. These components are:

Movement preparation:
The movement preparation practical will focused on hip activation, dynamic stretching, movement integration, and neural activation. Specific emphasis will be placed on error identification, error correction, and cueing.

Also known as “jump training” represent a category of movements which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time meant to improve overall speed-strength qualities enhancing performance and decreasing risk of injury.

Emphasis placed on an overall linear speed sprinting with wall drills, marching and skipping, resisted sprinting and free sprints.

Absolute and Multidirectional speed:
Emphasis placed on an overall linear speed sprinting with wall drills, ankle drills, straight leg drills, step-over drills and build ups to free sprinting. Training will be focused on error identification and error correction as well as the non-reactive and reactive properties of multidirectional speed with shuffle, cut, crossover, and drop step.

Medicine ball:
Decrease risk of injury through increased tolerance to stretch loads at various speeds, loads and directions. Improve coordination and the ability to control and decelerate rotational forces. This training will be based on movement stance, movement direction and movement initiation.

Extremely powerful and hard, but expressed in one fixed direction, sport requires skill to handle multiple demands on undefined terrains. “Prepare like you perform”

Energy systems development:
Circuit based conditioning and focused on how to maximize the athlete output in all areas of a game.

Our first step is to test each player’s performance by doing an initial evaluation. The results of the evaluation will allow the trainers to understand the player’s strengths and weaknesses based on accurate data. After the results are analyzed, the trainer will be able to assign each player the ideal training performance plan. With the assistance of our app, the trainers will have the ability to track the players’ progress the players will receive live videos demonstrating the correct way to perform the exercise in order to prevent injury. Players stay motivated and on-task with our direct trainer contact and intuitive smartphone app.

Our mission is to assist young athletes on becoming better players and healthier individuals by helping them develop and optimize their potential through mental, physical, and technical athletic training.We want to help them maximize their development not only in their sports performance but in their everyday life as well.

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