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Our speed and agility program contains 6 components that interact and affect one another to develop and athlete and elevate his/her game. These components are:
Plyometrics, which is also  known as “jump training.” This represent a category of movements which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time meant to improve overall speed-strength qualities enhancing performance and decreasing risk of injury.
Acceleration emphasizes overall linear speed sprinting with wall drills, marching and skipping, resisted sprinting and free sprints.
Absolute and multidirectional speed focuses on speed sprinting with wall drills, ankle drills, straight leg drills, step-over drills and build ups to free sprinting.  Training will be focused on error identification and error correction as well as the non-reactive and reactive properties of multidirectional speed with shuffle, cut, crossover, and drop step.
Medicine ball drills decrease risk of injury through increased tolerance to stretch loads at various speeds, loads and directions. Improve coordination and the ability to control and decelerate rotational forces. This training will be based on movement stance, movement direction and movement initiation.
Strength/power training is tough and expressed in one fixed direction as sport requires the skills necessary to handle multiple demands on undefined terrains. “Prepare like you perform”
Energy systems development uses circuit based conditioning to maximize the athlete output in all areas of a game.”

For groups of 4 – 6 players: a package of 8 sessions.

A program carefully designed with the purpose of combining both the physical and mental aspects of the game of soccer according to a players’ needs. This program focuses on making a major impact not only on getting the player to be faster physically, but also mentally by providing them with the tools that will allow them to improve their reaction time and most importantly their decision-making skills.